Prawie 1500 metrów kwadratowych przeznaczonego wyłącznie dla Waszych dzieci. Najnowocześniejszy i najnowszy plac zabaw. Las tropikalny pełen wrażeń i przygód.
1460 m2

Almost 1,500 square meters intended exclusively for children. The most modern and the newest playground. An eventful rainforest full of adventures.

The main construction

The largest structure, lots of science, most fun! Between areaways, you will come across a ship, spider's web, bicycle path, zip-line and other attractions.

Pirate ship

Jump on the ship and become an adventurer! Trunks with pirate gold, ball shooter… and a secret mission are waiting for a ship crew! Remember - only a captain may command the steering wheel!

Educational bike path

Teach your kid how to ride a bike! Your child will be more likely to cycle in the future because of our super route and its simple configuration.

Area for kids under 3

This part of playground is built of colorful blocks, ramps, and tunnels. At the end of the way every child can dive into the pool full of balls. Fun for kids is guaranteed. All amounts of their energy will stay in this place.

Ladder challenge

Do you know the 'Earth is Burning' game?! That's great because your child will face the challenge of going through the whole track without touching the ground! A question arises: how many attempts will be necessary to achieve this goal?!


We organize birthday parties. Our offer is directed towards kindergarten and school groups. We comprehensively deal with organizing children's meetings. We relieve your kids' time!

Godziny otwarcia

*We can take reservations for remaining hours.


Individual Price Schedule
 1h2hno limitPrzekroczona minuta
Mon-Thu15 zł20 zł25 zł0,25
Fri-Sun20 zł25 zł30 zł0,30

Babysitting: 1h = 14,99 zł per person

Prices for Schools (for groups larger than 15, price per 1 child)


Birthday offer
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